(Junior / Senior) Software Engineer (C++)

Frankfurt am Main
We are looking for a research engineer to develop, test & deploy new marketing strategies, as well as to design and build research infrastructure to test marketing ideas. Candidates focusing on strategy development should be strong problem solvers interested in identifying and monetizing statistical patterns in user behavior and also adept at implementing their ideas in C++. We are looking for someone who is both intellectually curious and also self-sufficient to help maintain and develop various automation systems for performance marketing. Candidates with software implementation skills and comfort in implementing both performant code and designing user-friendly tools will also be strongly considered. We are looking for someone who is effective at building usable software quickly and correctly to extend the scope of our research and coverage of our marketing strategies. Compensation consists of base salary, discretionary performance bonus, and possible participation in longer-term incentive schemes.


    • Writing C++ code to express statistical ideas and relationships between user behavior & collected data
    • Improving speed & efficiency of existing codebases
    • Modeling automation tools after design documents written by other engineers
    • Coming up with and iterating upon novel ideas and hypotheses about user behavior and possible factors of influence
    • Collaborating with teammates on new automation ideas
    • Extending existing research tools to support novel use cases and needs, as well as designing and implementing new tools to support research and analytics needs


    • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, or similar field, with strong familiarity with statistics and analytical problem-solving
    • Self-sufficient ability to implement ideas in code
    • Strong familiarity with C++ (17 or 20 preferred)
    • Proficiency in manually writing ASM code & understanding how the MSVC compiler works is appreciated
    • Interest in marketing or learning more about marketing
    • Previous experience in performance marketing or affiliate marketing is a plus, but is not required


    • Catered meals and bountiful snacks
    • Generous budget for home office equipment
    • Access to company pool cars
    • Fitness and wellness benefits